#07-01                    Digital Cameras
Funded the purchase of 15 digital cameras for police officer use in documenting crime scenes and evidence.

#07-02                    GPD Website
Funded the design and launch of an updated Gardena Police Department website, which will feature links to geographical crime statistics, automated reports, and recent press releases. The new site will allow for the public to more readily and easily access crime information and allow for filing of electronic police reports.

#07-03                    Baker to Vegas Relay 2007
Funding to sponsor the Gardena Police Department Team's participation in the "Baker to Vegas" Challenge Cup, a 120-mile law enforcement relay race, designed to promote physical fitness and teamwork amongst officers and to create a stronger police force.

#07-04                    Traffic Calming Devices
Funded the purchase of two speed radar displays to calm traffic on busy streets in the City of Gardena.