#09-01                        Baker to Vegas Relay 2009
Sponsored the Gardena Police Department team for the Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay promoting officer physical fitness and team work.

#09-02                       Computers
Funded the purchase of two computers to supplement the Departments Media Center and e-policing programs.

#09-03                       T3 Mobile Vehicles
Funded the purchase of two T3 mobile vehicles to be used as extra police presence in events/parades.

#09-04                       City-wide cameras
Installation of the city-wide surveillance project.

#09-05                       2009 Employee Recognition Day
Sponsored Gardena Police Departments 3rd Annual Gardena Police Employee Recognition Day. This event is held every year to show appreciation for Gardena employees.

#10-01                       Explorer Support
Funded the registration, transportation, and equipment needed for the Gardena Police Explorers to participate in a yearly National Competition.