#12-01                    Baker to Vegas 2012
Funding to sponsor the Gardena Police Department Team's participation in the "Baker to Vegas" Challenge Cup, a 120-mile law enforcement relay race, designed to promote physical fitness and teamwork amongst officers and to create a stronger police force.

#12-02                    2012 Team Building Workshop
Provided funds for the Team Building Workshop. The Team Building Workshop allowed the Department supervisors and commanders an opportunity to strategize and coordinate the Departments goals and objectives for the upcoming years.

#12-03                    Community Business Forum
Funded the Community Business Forum to increase communication and interaction with the businesses in the community.

#12-04                    6th Annual Gardena PD Recognition Day
Sponsored Gardena Police Departments 6th Annual Gardena Police Employee Recognition Day. This event is held every year to show appreciation for Gardena employees.

#12-05                    Special Olympics Torch Run
Purchased t-shirts for the participating runners in the Annual Special Olympics Torch Run.

#12-06                    iPads and Peripherals
Funded the purchase of 14 iPads to supplement the departments e-policing program. The use of the iPads allows the department to test new ideas on how to facilitate real-time crime data systems from remote locations.

#12-07                    119 Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police
Provided funds for Chief Medrano and one other employee to travel to and attend the Annual International Associations of Chief of Police Conference.

#12-08                    K-9 Chevy Tahoe
Funded a new Chevy Tahoe vehicle that will assist the K9 team continue to perform activities such as tracking lost persons or fleeing suspects, searching for discarded or hidden evidence or contraband, detecting illegal drugs, searching buildings and helping protect officers.

#12-09                    Executive Staff Holiday Party & 2013 LACPCA Installation Dinner
This grant funded the Executive Staff Holiday Party and allowed the Chief’s Office and Management Staff an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment of the Department’s goals and objectives for the year